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Biblical Solution
Published 2 months ago |

To safely secure your lawful standing (before push comes to shove), this video explains in layman's terms why working our way out of Caesar's system needs to be done with a true faith in one's Biblical Savior and kingdom.  Are we all ready?

As promised in today's video, here is James Corbett's "Solutions Watch" video with Derrick Brose. Remember, there's never any mention of a biblical solution with these guys, just anarchy and/or agorism, so use this video as reference only and just for the basics of showing that yes, tons of people are coming out of the system world wide, but many will be gravely dissapointed when the dust settles and Yeshua determines who was actually proclaiming His kingdom as their true literal refuge (or not) in the process:

101 reasons/facts for young earth:

Blessings to all who are in YHWH's jurisdiction in good standing!

P.S.  please also note that we are one of the many who have had our website ( and emails held hostage by Google.  We hope to have an economically feasible replacement site for you folks soon.  

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