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How the WEF, Collapse of FTX, Ukraine, Child Trafficking, Elections, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden Are All Related
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The Dollar Vigilante
Published 12 days ago |

So it looks like WW3 is back on again. And, because of some good old (s)election fraud by the globalphiles, with a little help from Ukrainian Actors and Crypto Nerds (Acturds?) the home of the woke and the enslaved has broken a new record: not a single incumbent governor or senator got flipped to the dark side. 

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Intro video:

Outro Video:

SBF rap video with the BitConnect guy 

Biden teleprompter

Bernie's Tweets - COP27 - Biden and motorcade will arrive at COP27 today, to demand you lower your carbon footprint:

After stones & sunlight, now communist #china believed coal is also Covided:

Twitter Blue erased a few billion in market cap for Lockheed Martin:

Yesterday, a fake account Tweeted that Eli Lilly and Co was giving insulin for free. It was verified on Twitter. $LLY now down 5%, or roughly down nearly $20 billion.:

“Hear me out… we ‘hack’ the exchange after filing chapter 11 bankruptcy”:

Diversity Hire, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: Regulation Of Cryptocurrencies Is Needed:

MakerDAO co-founder found dead after tweets of sex trafficking by CIA: co-founder Nicolai Arcadie Muchgian, was found dead

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Becomes First World Leader to Appear on ‘Drag Race’: Watch:

My kids don't have to worry about masking to save their Grandparents because the jabs killed all four of them in the last year. So there's that:






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