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Paying someone else to regain access to your own body
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They promised you free energy. Your tissues. Wireless bioengineering. On the fly called ad hoc networks that use machine to machine … M2M since 2005 where the internet of things was already building coffee pots and fridges after industries like home entertainment used companies like acoustic research to put lidar in your home theatre. This is about di pole fields and manipulating the air around which is charged with nano particulate and other materia that is heavily monitored and controlled on sensor networks.

Bio sensors are just one type of sensor. We have special intra routing with heavy details on vorpal math going on inside the blood stream. Check this out internal to the chakra points, boy are vertices or vertexes a thing of the past for those of your from healing touch derivatives.


Published in: 2018 IEEE 18th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (BIBE)


Piezoelectricty relational databases are based on how much energy cracks out in joules when you physically move to power the 5g smart grid. Movement is just one type of power produced in the body.

Your emotional state produces another type of cellular energy. Those are different databases.


This is also why I have been consistent that if your reaction is not anger that some company has been harvesting your cellular energy and not only are you not told, but you are powering their physical stuff, their personal intra human computer networks using the brain matter you are not using (future videos with tech documentation on that) called wide body area network for kinetic energy or endocrine transduction for remote assay, array and other crispr genetics styled bioinformatic tinkering available .. for a fee.

They now will charge YOU for access to your own body once you realize telehealth is not you getting on a phone to call someone. Telehealth is them permeating you down to the bone marrow and you going along with the lie that your wireless body part just does not exist so you need to pay them to continue looting your body of all viable productive substances. You will not be able to stop the city wide subtle electrocution system called wireless. It is a city wide taser, ready to go fatal, small and sightless in less than a breath .. that is what rf positron bullets do.

You need to uncover the lie about the wireless human body part and be a part of the solution. Stop letting people act like clueless toddlers in regards to their own body. 80% of your immune system is in your biofield.

Tell the truth. Jesus does love you, I promise. Amen.

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