How To Create Option C to beat cancer
113 views • 11/07/2021

Imagine overcoming the unspeakable. Yes, we're talking about beating stage 4 cancer without the traditional medical route... sounds like a script from a Hollywood movie, right? But for Lourdes and Chris, this is the real, lived experience they bravely shared as keynote speakers at the 2019 TTAC The Truth About Cancer event. Let's dive into the essence of their incredible journey.

Their odyssey began with disbelief and fear, an all-too-common reaction when facing a grim prognosis. However, Lourdes and Chris decided on a path less taken—a natural approach to tackle the big C. Their first key strategy was a meticulous overhaul of their diet. Goodbye processed foods, and a big, colorful hello to organic veggies and fruits! It wasn't just about eating healthy. It was a dedicated, purposeful dance with nutrition that supported their bodies' healing capabilities.

Alongside dietary changes, the dynamic duo stressed the significance of mental and emotional well-being. Positive affirmations, mindfulness practices, and a supportive community were the pillars that held them high. It's one thing to feed the body what it needs to heal, but nurturing the mind? That's a superpower they harnessed in their battle against cancer.

As if diet and mindset weren't Herculean efforts already, Lourdes and Chris further embraced non-conventional treatments—therapies that dared to defy mainstream medicine but resonated with their personal beliefs. Herbal remedies, acupuncture, and other holistic approaches were not just choices, they were integral to their story of recovery. It was a composite of these various therapies that fortified their determination to heal against the odds.

In conclusion, the couple stands strong, a testament to their belief in natural cures—a living, breathing manifesto that inspires hope. Their message is not about disregarding medical advances, but rather an open invitation to consider all possible paths to health and recovery. It's an extraordinary tale of faith, courage, and the power of choice. And if that doesn't scream 'Life is worth living to the fullest!', I don’t know what does! 🌟✨

Join us on this insightful exploration of alternative healing, and let’s spread the word. Maybe it won't fit everyone's script, but it surely adds an exciting twist to the narrative of life's challenges. Here's to Lourdes, Chris, and never-ending possibility! 🎗🙌

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