Javier Milei slams the west for ‘abandoning freedom for socialism’ in Davos - Link to the whole speech in description underneath the video
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Argentina’s President Javier Milei told the World Economic Forum in Davos the west were “abandoning freedom for socialism”, Sky News host James Macpherson says.

“The president of Argentina – gave The World Economic Forum a lot more than they were bargaining for when he addressed their conference at Davos,” Mr Macpherson said.

“He told them the west was abandoning freedom for socialism.

“Which he warned only ever produces poverty and piles of corpses.

Mr Macpherson said President Milei slammed radical feminism for gender quotas, the environmental movement for demonising human beings, universities and media for promoting social justice and concluded by telling them he had come to invite the western world to “return to freedom”, economic prosperity, and limited government.


🎥 Watch the whole thing HERE:

WEF’s Globalist Plot Called Out Directly To Their Smug Faces By Javier Milei


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