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Published 10 months ago |
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- The Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ/CHOP)
-- AntiFa + BLM
-- The New Mexico Civil Guard/Patriot Movements
--- Selective Enforcement - Trump's New Policing Measures?
--- Radicalization

--- Zbellion + Future Destabilizing Events

- The Evolution of Warfare - Financial, Psychological & Emotional
-- Emotional Extremism
-- The Intellectual Damage of Emotional Irrationality
--- How have you healed throughout this? (Reader Responses)
( Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law" - Aleister Crowley)
--- How to "remove yourself from the system of slavery" - Build a system of empowerment
---- Decentralization - Diversify your dollars kid
---- How can we redirect our money better? Defunding The NWO
---- How to escape the financial reset

- Surviving The Times We Are In
-- The Great Global Famine... Will Lead To The Vegan Agenda
-- Fasting & Praying
-- "My Credibility"

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