Ginny Miller, New Vibrant You Interviews Ramola D: Unlawful Psych Hold Trauma to Self-Empowered Triumph!
42 views • 05/11/2022
Re-posted by Permission, many thanks to Ginny for this comprehensive interview!

Ginny Miller, Vibrant Health practitioner interviews Ramola D on the entire experience of the unlawful Psych Hold she was recently subjected to, thanks to framing actions by a neighbor and local police, related it appears to the reportage she has been doing on the unlawful actions of targeting and fraudulent watchlisting leading to non-consensual experimentation/operation (implicating many military and Intelligence partners) inclusive of EMF/Neurotech Abuse on hundreds of thousands of civilians, both in the US and worldwide, as well as on other issues exposing COVID-vaccine damages, and examining matters of sovereignty and freedom.

Note from Ginny:
Ramola relates more details of her tragic story of being abducted by the police and held against her will on an unlawful Section 12. The good news is that she was able to get out of victim mentality in the Psych ward through the use of prayer, heart chakra meditation, and mantras to keep her frequency high and rise above the horror of the situation. I'm proud to call this brave and brilliant woman my new friend. 🌟

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I'm grateful for Ginny's friendship too!!! -- Ramola
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