Reserve Currency & Militarized IRS
1098 views • 08/05/2022

China, Russia Explore New Global Reserve Currency

* They want to remove the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency.

* China’s alliance with Russia will hurt America.

* There probably are communists in the White House — or at least sympathizers of the ChiCom regime.

* If they wanted to undermine the core interest of the U.S. (which is the primacy of the $), they’re doing a very good job of it.

Modern Monetary Theory

* The Fed creates currency from nothing, and then takes it out of the system (through taxation) to ‘fix’ the resulting inflation.

* It’s not a coincidence that the IRS has gotten a lot more funding — and guns.

* The IRS has its own army.

* They have stockpiled 5M rounds of ammunition as well as thousands of firearms and enforcement agents.

* Why are they doing that?

* When the U.S. gubment starts treating the IRS as a military agency, you should be very worried.

Tucker Carlson Tonight | 4 August 2022

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