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Eliminate Chronic Joint Pain and Enjoy Life Again with Functional Patterns w/Scott Smith #16
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Cultivated Change
Published 7 days ago |

Scott Smith, Co-Founder of The Regenesis Collective in Asheville, NC, is a dedicated practitioner of Functional Patterns, and innovative system that addresses underlying causes of pain and promotes healing. With a profound passion for helping others, Scott's motivation stems from his personal journey of overcoming chronic knee pain.


In 2019, as a Certified Personal Trainer, Scott suffered a meniscus tear while on a routine run, leading him to seek effective solutions beyond fitness trends. Discovering the transformative power of Functional Patterns, Scott experienced a remarkable turnaround, going from barely being able to walk to regaining his ability to sprint with newfound freedom.

Now, Scott is committed to supporting individuals on their journey toward Regenesis, leveraging his expertise and personal experience to guide and empower them to break free from the cycle of pain and injury and achieve optimal physical well-being. 

In this podcast, Alex and Scott go over the various forms of early adult-hood injury and chronic pain that they shared and methodologies to help those who feel stuck and losing hope to be able to enjoy a fully ecstatic movable life again.

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