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Legacy Media Are Doing Their Best Not to Link the Buffalo Race Killer With the Ukraine Nazi Azov Soldiers
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Published a month ago |
I have to challenge the ignorant, disinformation and misinformation of mainstream media to totally ignore the fact that as much as they are correct in their excellent research into the Nazi white supremacist background of Buffalo mass murderer Payton Grendon, the same mainstream media must be given an 'F' for failure in NOT reporting that the same white supremacist symbols that outed Grendon as a Nazi sympathizer are being ignored by the media as they are connected with the Ukraine Azov Battalion soldiers who have recently surrendered on mass in the Azovstal steel plant. Recently the Azov Battalion have vacated their headquarters in Mariupol and the frontline media who are in Mariupol and not sitting in an office inNew York share with us what was discovered in the vacated headquarters and the Nazi symbolism discovered in that building may as well have been the same Nazi symbolism that was discovered in the Buffalo killers manifesto that was discovered, but you will not hear or read about these discoveries in the compromised mainstream media. By the way, what became of Biden's recently opened Ministry of Truth anyway?

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