Real Joe, 2008 VP Debate - Fake Joe, 2012 VP Debate and now
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I was shocked to realize that while 2008 Joe was the original, the current Joe goes back to at least the 2012 debates.  Being conservative, I didn't pay attention to the debates.  I am not going to stop being a conservative to follow the Dem platform, so I didn't realize that fake Joe goes back so far.

Check out these doubles from

See Issue708 for Tom Hanks and Marina Abramovic; Issue709 for Boris Johnson, Jeb and George W Bush, and Prince Phillip; Issue710 for VP Pence, John Kerry, and Jared Kushner; Issue711 for Angela Merkel, John Podesta, Princess Beatrice, and Buhari; Issue714 for Elon Musk; Issue715 for Lindsey Graham and Poroshenko; Issue717 for Don Lemon; Issue719 for Chuck Schumer; Issue710 for Joe Biden and Pope Francis; and now this Issue723 for Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris.

Doubles Script with links from

Why do those replaced with Doubles, either permanently or temporarily, look and act just like the original? What is the point? Below is a list of Double replacements with their Double analysis that appeared in this Newsletter: Queen Elizabeth and Ruth Ginsberg; Bill and Melinda Gates; Hillary Clinton and Trudeau; Marina Abramovic and Tom Hanks; Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and Jeb Bush and George Bush; VP Pence and Jared Kushner and John Kerry; Buhari and John Podesta; Angela Merkel and Lindsey Graham and Poroshenko; CNN’s Lemon; Chuck Schumer; Joe Biden and Pope Francis; Maxine Waters and VP Harris; Jerry Nadler and Fauci and Bernie Sanders; Barak Obama and Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton and Joe Biden; Zuckerberg; John Brennan and Hunter Biden and FBI’s Comey and AOC and Omar and Tlaib; Adam Schiff and Pelosi; Elon Musk; Zelensky; Soros and Erdogan; Madonna and Elton John; and Bibi.

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