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Event 201: Planning the COVID-19 PSYOP
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Published 2 years ago |
Is it also just a coincidence that Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum (The Davos Group, You know, George Soros and all of his Globalist billionaire friends) held a pandemic simulation that they called "Event 201" just six weeks before this PSYOP began, and that nearly everything that happened in that simulation has transpired exactly as it was planned in this COVID-19 PSYOP? I don't think so. I don't believe in such coincidences. Even the notion that it would be a "novel coronavirus" that emanated from China was war gamed against us. In fact, the only thing that difference from what transpired in the Event 201 exercise that was held in New York City in October of 2019 and what has been transpiring since November 2019 is that the name of the name of the disease diagnosis which is attached to that novel coronavirus has been changed from what they called it in the Event 201 simulation--"CAPS" to "COVID-19" in this "real world" event. That's basically the only difference, folks.

Wow! Naked crimes against humanity being openly planned right in front of our faces.

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