Commercial Seed Oils Are Deadly!
405 views • 02/07/2021
On my video called Fats! Are They Good or Bad?, we talked about seed oils and how detrimental they are. This discusses them in more detail with new information about how they can literally kill you. Commercial seed oils contained too much polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and are HIGHLY inflammatory. Most of us are eating way too much of them. Most restaurants are using them (or other equally toxic commercial oils). They are in just about all processed foods, including foods you find in "health food" stores. Please remember that just because it's called "health food" or it's organic, does not mean it's good for you! Some example of seed oils that are commonly found in processed products-Soybean, Safflower, Sunflower and Canola. Many people use Grapeseed oil as well, but this also has a high inflammatory profile. Here's a link to a great article by Dr. Mercola and Dr. Chris Knobbe on this topic:

Here is a link to a recipe for homemade infant formula (so you can avoid feeding your baby seed oil:
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