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What is Behind Donald Trump Persisting on Bringing Up the Deadly Covid Vaccines During His Rally's?
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Published a month ago |
Several of us on social media have been monitoring Donald Trump's speeches during his public appearances and political rally's and the one common connection that we all make is how many times he brings up his promotion of the vaccines and how he is the Father of the Vaccine. what is ruining Trump's reputation with a certain core group of his MAGA followers is his reluctance to mention how the vaccines have caused many injuries and many deaths throughout the world. Instead Trump is always touting how his vaccines have saved millions of lives and we know that this is not the truth. In this video we take a critical look at why Trump continues to mention the vaccines and how effective they are and I analyze why Trump is so in love ($$$) with his Operation Warp Speed and vaccines. Last week at his Pennsylvania Rally Trump brought up on his stage to promote Dr. Oz - who is running for the US Senate for the State of Pennsylvania and he literally introduced his buddy and heir successor to the Johnson and Johnson fortune Woody Johnson. Both Johnson and Oz received ZERO applause from Trump's MAGA crowd as he introduced these two unpopular men, but Trump keeps on promoting the vaccines at his rally's one way or the other - much to the chagrin of his loyal followers.

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