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4 Ways to Keep Your Lymphatic System Healthy
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The Truth About Cancer
Published 2 months ago |
Having a healthy lymphatic system is critical for your overall health and ability to fight cancer. However, many do not know of the lymphatic system. What's even more troublesome is that only a small percentage of doctors ever discuss lymph health with their patients.

Your lymphatic system provides a variety of immune functions that fight off infections, viruses, injury, and even cancer. Unlike blood circulation, the lymphatic system lacks a biological "pump," which means it relies on the body's movement of the musculoskeletal system to circulate. In other words, get your body moving!

Keep watching the lymphatic system animation video to learn about these 4 easy ways to keep your lymphatic system healthy and properly functioning:
1. Move your body! Particularly legs, arms, and/or torso.
2. Diaphragmatic breathing benefits for the lymphatic system
3. Rebounding for better lymphatic health
4. Dry skin brushing a.k.a effleurage

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