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You Know It
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Published 5 months ago |
c. 1976 - Mike Caraway

You got style and you know it,
So why not let it bust right on thru?
You keep sayin you just can’t show it,
Come on, who’s kiddin who?
This ain’t the last place
You’re gonna be lendin some grace to,
That crystal palace, silver door wait for the
Sweet boogie step of you, you, who? You,
Who can stop you, who can stop you now?
Who can out-bebop you, who can out-bebop you now?

Ain’t no turnin back, and you know it,
This island here ain’t small enough for two,
I done come round again from so far away,
So you can move me into somethin new,
My heart keeps stoppin and startin
With the love that you breathe and do,
Your ghost has nearly blown me apart,
I’m so glad I was hung up on you, you, who? You,
Who can drop you, who can drop you now?
Who can froggy-hop you, who can froggy-hop you now?

You’re goin home, and you know it,
Your bag is all packed and the choo-choo is due,
This old porter’s shufflin round in a corner,
He could surely use a kind word or two,
I wanna finish up, and rest my head,
Won’t you untie my shoe?
I just gotta show you this one last time
How I will always be true, you, who? You,
Who can pop you, who can pop you now?
Who can scaredy-cop you, who can scaredy-cop you now?

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