Zemah ben Yishai, the Throne of David Bible Code By: #Shiloh_ZemahBenYishai
20 views • 05/04/2021
21 Iyar, 5751
May 3, 2021

Shalom everyone,

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From the begging the first Bible Code I ran with my name and information I could see these hieroglyphic symbols or pictures from the words I word input into the code.

The following is no diffident, when you enter the name Zemah ben Yishai you will get 11 codes. This code makes this throne in Jerusalem, Israel. The Messiah Shiloh and queen.

Scene: Jerusalem, Israel near future

This Video is call Zemah ben Yishai, the Throne of David.


#Shiloh_ZemahBenYishai (Sammy)

There are 11 codes with the name: Zemah ben Yishai, the top code is one of 11.
There are 10 codes with the name: Shilo ben Yishai
There are 9 codes with the name" Shiloh ben Yishai
There are more names.

Rabbis For Anusim



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