The Impact of Climate Change on the Biodiversity and Animal Behavior Around the World with Luisa Diele-Viegas
112 views • 02/07/2022
Has climate change permanently shifted biodiversity, or can we make a course correction? While we may have done irreparable damage in some areas, we may still be able to fight the effects of climate change. Listen up to learn:

How some species have adapted to their new environmental struggles
The consequences of a species' changed behavior
How one animal's behavior changes the remainder of the ecosystem

Luisa Diele-Viegas, a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Federal University of Alagoas, shares her work researching how climate change has affected biodiversity.

Much of the focus of the effects of climate change has focused on its impact on humans. However, if we take a closer look, the effects on biodiversity may be more severe than we initially thought.

Since many animals have adopted behaviors to shield themselves from higher temperatures, they may not be able to carry out the resource gathering and reproduction necessary to sustain their species. If we cannot correct some of the damage already done, entire ecosystems may be changed for the worse.

To learn more, search for Diele-Viegas LM on social media.

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