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COVID-19 mRNA vaccines cause massive fish die off in Oder river, Kerala India and San Francisco Bay and will cause all marine life to die ⚠ PREVENT! WARN! SPREAD!
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Published 2 years ago

I hope I'm wrong and that they prevent all marine life from dying if I'm right.It's written like this so they test if there is spike protein, mRNA or any other COVID-19 vaccine ingredient in the water that caused the massive fish die-off and to Prevent Global GeneDrive Genocide!

Undo the instructions put in the genetic code that make the vaccinees produce the spike protein ad infinitum (without end) also to prevent 5 billion deaths due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement!

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70 percent of the oxygen you breathe is produced by the ocean


'Monsanto wants total control, covers up grave GMO dangers' - Researcher — RT SophieCo

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