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Andrea Sadegh Shares Her Story of Witnessing Her Young Son Revealing His Trauma Based Mind Control, 2017
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Published 3 years ago |
Andrea Sadegh in Chat with Jo Lomax from CCN about Symptoms of toddlers and children who are going through SRA and MK Ultra, Trauma-based mind Control - April 24th, 2017
"Andrea Sadegh is one of the strongest women I have ever met, I do not know how she has had the strength to do what she does after what she has witnessed and discovered. I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea in Switzerland in 2016 and consider myself lucky to have such a lovely friend who is a true example of a person standing up to a tyrannical system when most other people would have folded in defeat.
Be prepared to be shocked as Andrea uncovers what is undertaken with her son and many children on the planet in order to create the next generation of the satanic system. This news needs to get out there no matter how uncomfortable it is – Andrea pays particular attention to teaching parents how to recognize the signs of ritual and traumatic abuse in very young children.
The Sadegh Case:
Andrea specializes on Trauma Based Mind Control especially in the German speaking countries, what she has learnt is beyond the imaginable:
She is Austrian, living in Vienna and after having done enormous research for years about the reason for the traumatization of her 2 ½ year old son Luki in 2011 – she learnt the nearly unknown term in 2012 “trauma based mind control” and (satanic/sadistic) ritual abuse, Andrea then founded
Finding out too much about the crime meant that she lost custody of her beloved son and is currently not allowed to see him. Since 2011 Andrea has requested detailed examinations over MRI/CT/nuclear medical examinations but they are denied from Austrian authorities, several times she had to flee the country, because of attempted murder. Officials in Austria are claiming “there would be no initial suspicion”, as they continue to use her son heavily in different MK Ultra and SSP programs." (Jo Lomax)
More about this crime on
The detailed presentation can be found on
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