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Russia's Thermobaric Weapon - 5X MOAB
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Published 2 years ago
:21 Thermobaric weapon used on Kharkiv airbase - observed from the road
:27 Same Thermobaric Kharkiv airbase - observed from a building
:18 Awesome Grad Rocket Salvo Unleashed By Russian Army - Credit - Andrey Rudenko, Embedded With Russian Troops
:35 Russia FINALLY blows up propaganda TV station in Kiev

4 clips, 1:42.
2 clips (Thermobaric weapon observed from a building and Awesome Grad Rocket Salvo) from Jeff Rense' website:

Jim Stone: "Thermobaric weapon bigger than a MOAB used on Kharkiv airbase. Russia said theirs were 5X what the United States has, and it sorta looks like it. Airbase obviously no longer in use. Looking at the time it took for the shockwave to dissipate, this has a kill diameter just short of a mile across, probably about a 700 meter kill radius. Nasty. The camera was at about 7000 feet distance, the kill radius was probably about 2300 feet.
Not reported this way but I know it is true and will say why: The EU/NATO is canceling all promises of giving Ukraine fighter jets. This is being whispered and I think it will be reality. REASON: Russia is in fact kicking *ss so badly that the people providing the jets know those jets will be marshmallows dropped in a fire. Why waste them? Youtube censored RT and Sputnik across Europe. Because the war is going SO WELL the Russian side of the story need not be heard."

Russia cured COVID: Congress dropping mask mandates today (March 1st), California will no longer require masks in schools starting March 12, all remaining legal coronavirus restrictions in Scotland including the wearing of face masks are expected to be lifted on 21 March, New York Mayor Adams clarified the vaccine mandate would be lifted on March 7.

Many countries in the past have used both vacuum and cluster bombs as part of their attacks on enemy territory in the past, with the US and Russia among them.

The BLU-82B/C-130 weapon system, known under program "Commando Vault" and nicknamed "Daisy Cutter" in Vietnam for its ability to flatten a section of forest into a helicopter landing zone, is an American 15,000-pound (6,800 kg) conventional bomb, delivered from either a C-130 or MC-130 transport aircraft or a CH-54 heavy-lift "SkyCrane" helicopter from the 1st Air Cavalry. A total of 225 were constructed.

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