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International Weather Wars - 15 August 2020 - HAARP - Geo Engineering - Weather Modification
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Anti Weather Modification
Published 6 months ago |

Alberta, Canada - Weather Modification by Cloud Seeding

Malaysia - Weather Modification by Cloud Seeding

Oxford, UK - Geo Engineering report

India - SAI - Stratospheric Aerosol Innjection

UAE - Weather Modification by Cloud Seeding

HIPAS - Fairbanks, Alaska

HAARP - Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Soera/Sura - Duga Facility, Russia

HAARP Locations
17 January 2010 at 04:45
Sources : GoogleEarth &
Nerc MST Radar Facility
HAARP Like Facility
+52° 25' 28.26", -4° 00' 19.59"
Capel Dewi, Carmarthenshire, Wales, United Kingdom
near Aberystwyth, Wales, UK

HAARP like facility, Area 51, 37,29,21.57N 116,12,48.28W

HAARP , Alaska

HIPAS , Fairbanks Alaska

American HAARP , Arecibo, Puerto Rico

The first American 'HAARP':
Platteville Atmospheric Observatory , Wisconsin
HAARP Like Facility
+40° 10' 54", -104° 43' 30"

The European EISCAT installation in Tromso, Norway.
Tromsø 931 MHz Ultra High Frequency Radar
These signals are also received at Kiruna and Sodankylä

Soera/Sura near Vasilsoersk, about 100 km east of the city Nizjni Novgorod,
has an average (effective) Power of 190 MW over its shortest

São Luiz Space Observatory
HAARP Like Facility
Cruzeiro Santa Bárbara, Sao Luis-MA, Brasil
-2° 35' 40.47", -44° 12' 35.90"

China Research Institute of Radiowave Propagation (CRIRP)
HAARP Like Facility
Ionospheric Laboratory
Ionospheric Laboratory, Xinjiang (Sinkiang) Region
40°24'15.91"N, 93°38'09.74"E

Australia HAARP like facility
21.54.22 S - 114.07.45 E

Jindalee Operational Radar Network
JP 2025
Laverton, West Australia
-28° 19' 36.29", +122° 0' 18.84"
Two Part System (Electronic Warfare & Radar Division - DSTO, Australia)

National MST Radar Facility
HAARP Like Facility
+13° 27' 26.68", +79° 10' 30.74"
Gadanki, near Tirupati, in southern Andra Pradesh, India

Jicamarca Radio Observatory
HAARP Like Facility
Lima, Peru
11° 57' 04.82" S 78° 52' 27.43" W

Smaller complexes can be found in :
Doesjanbe, Tadzjikistan (1 GW)
Montsjegorsk / Apatity ( 10MW)
Nizjni Novgorod (20MW)

The station at Zmiev, near Charkov (25MW) is only used sporadically.
VHF and UHF radars at :
Arecibo, Puerto Rico;
Kwajalein, Marshall Islands;
Millstone Hill, Massachusetts;
Jicamarca, Peru.

URDF-3 (Unidentified Research and Development Facility-3)
Baikal-1, Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan
50°10'12.69"N, 78°22'36.84"W
This first appeared as a CIA satellite image
The Russian Woodpecker
Duga Radar Array, Chenobyl, Ukraine
51°18'20.17"N, 30°04'02.60"E
Ionospheric HeatersCloud SeedingClimate Crisis

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