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Marching To Zion (2015)
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Published 2 years ago
Documentary tracing the history of the Jewish people from the destruction of the temple in AD 70 to the modern-day nation of Israel. Through scriptural and historical evidence, DNA, mathematics, and testimony from rabbis and pastors, it attempts to answer the question, "Who are God's chosen people?".

Framing The World (FTW) presents Marching to Zion in this (one hour and 48 minute) video, featuring Pastor Anderson and Pastor Jimenez. FTW analyses the "March to Zion" from the earliest beginnings. Biblical stories are referred to and explained. The references to chapter and verse are noted, and if required given a full explanation. The historical split between the 12 tribes are shown, 10 becoming Israel, and 2 becoming Judah. Israel was overthrown by the Assyrians and its inhabitants became the Samaritans. Judah became Judea, and people were called Jews. The New Testament details how the Christ were sent to redeem the Jews, but was rejected and crucified by them. In 1948, the state of Israel came into being. Many "Christians" have proclaimed this as the "blessing of the Lord". But was it? FTW seeks the answer to that question. Pastor Steven Anderson guides, explains, and leads the guide for the solution to the question.


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