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Drought. Food shortages. Prepare, don't panic.
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Erin Chamerlik -Natural Health
Published a year ago |
Do you need a reason to make sure your cupboards are full? In 2020 we saw grocery store shelves empty and meat/chicken was rationed along with toilet paper and paper towels. What do you think 2021 will bring...2022?
California State Water Resources Control Board Votes to End Water Diversions for over 5,700 Farmers. When farmers can no longer use water for agricultural use, food from California will be greatly impacted.
California is in a worsening drought. Fields have dried up. water cuts have already caused farmers to plant less tomatoes, rice, grapes, corn, garlic, beans, asparagus and almonds. "They flushed so much water out to help [endangered] fish that they forgot to think about the people affected"
Almond orchards have been bulldozed and torn up (82% of almonds come out of CA). Cotton, wheat, asparagus, alfalfa, peaches (73% of US peaches are grown in CA), citrus, avocados (90% of US avocados come from CA), artichokes (99.99% are grown in CA), grapes (89% of grapes are grown in CA) and other fruits and nuts (99% of walnuts come from CA) and tomato. Dairy farmers and beef ranchers are severely impacted. 99% of spring wheat/durum wheat is impacted. California grows much of our produce: grapes, pistachios, berries, lettuce, tomatoes, oranges-- Other states the provide agricultural products are also in a drought
Shipping container crisis - will it be hard to get sugar and coffee?
The US food supply chain is already struggling with transportation and labor costs.
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