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CBS BOMBSHELL REPORT: Former FBI Dir Andrew McCabe Admits Deep State Plotted Trump Coup -1661-9A
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The Pete Santilli Show
Published 6 months ago |
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Andrew McCabe: In pushing his new book, former FBI acting Director Andrew McCabe dropped a bombshell on CBS News. The Justice Department held meetings to consider removing President Trump from office under the 25th Amendment, after Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey for lying. If that doesn't convince you there's a Deep State, perhaps nothing will. McCabe admits he began the obstruction of justice investigation against Trump, despite having virtually no evidence. A large cast of characters ranging from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, CIA Director John Brennan, current deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, senior Justice Department Official Bruce Ohr and his wife and sometime CIA asset, Nellie Ohr, FBI Director James Comey, FBI attorney Lisa Page, FBI official Peter Strzok, and, of course, Andrew McCabe, took part. E-Militia Article: CBS BOMBSHELL REPORT: Former FBI Dir Andrew McCabe Admits Deep State Plotted Trump Coup

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