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Decentralize.TV - Episode 22 - Nov 6, 2023 - Michael Yon investigates decentralized, off-grid communities that reject authoritarian government
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Published 25 days ago

International war correspondent Michael Yon joins Decentralize TV from Belize, where he is investigating Mennonite off grid communities. With vast knowledge of “human osmotic pressure,” Yon is one of the world's foremost experts on mass migration and refugee operations, where people are fleeing war, famine and tyranny (or bring deliberately directed by globalist orgs to invade western nations). In this episode, he gives us a valuable overview of what's really happening in the world in terms of groups of human beings fleeing tyranny and seeing freedom and self-determination. Follow more from Michael Yon at

mike adamsfreedomlibertyimmigrationmigrantstyrannyoff gridsecessiondecentralizedmichael yondtvdecentralize tvtodd pitner

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