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Can We Stop the Nonsense Now? THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL
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Published 3 years ago
We have a wonderful opportunity thanks to James O'Keefe and Project Veritas to take our country back.

What they did was expose that we have been lied to about this pandemic by CNN for over a year and kept under control through fear propaganda. I think we need to come together and work on getting our country back with this revelation. This needs to go VIRAL. In this video I outline the profile of a batterer and show what has been done to the American people is exactly what a batterer does to maintain control. I go through what we have to do to take our country back. I reinforce the fact that we have to do it together. While James and Project Veritas have opened the door for us by exposing the lies, it is up to us to quit falling for all the ridiculous mandates. We have to stand up for ourselves. This brings me to the second person I want to talk about, Dan Bongino. and what he said in Episode 1499. "No one is coming to save you." He encouraged us to "Stand Up." Just like James O'Keefe tells us to "Be Brave. Do Something." Bongino told us, "We will stand beside you, but you have to stand up!" We need to be doing just that.

Thanks for supporting my channel. Please go and support the work of Project Veritas and Dan Bongino. If you want to support the finishing of my book for domestic violence victims on how to escape a batterer, the link is at the end of the video for Kristine Stone Media. I don't really accept direct donations, because I consider my work to be a ministry dedicated to helping others. God is faithful. He provides what I need.
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