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Published 2 months ago

Are we on the verge of a societal breakdown? Many analysts are concerned about it.

Debt keeps setting new all-time highs - government, commercial and household debt. Banks, supply chains and the economic future as a whole are on shaky ground.

The ongoing invasion of mostly military age men coming across the southern border with support of governments and the United Nations is another major threat we have to face.

Beside economic collapse and domestic war, there are other potential dangers that are of concern, such as natural disasters, which can be facilitated by Directed Energy Weapon technologies. Many are aware that a power grid shutdown by solar event or Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) could lead to social breakdown and many deaths.

Help awaken others to the manipulation that we have been subjected to behind-the-scenes. Generate support for rejecting cabal plans and operations, and stopping the sequence of disasters they are attempting to produce.  

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