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Published 2 years ago
Is magnetization evidence of an implanted receptor? Potentially this could be the case.

Utilizing an artificial negative feedback loop almost hijacking the body's nervous system/neurology to thus control the target; the artificial negative feedback loop shall include the grid of ostensibly titled "5G" towers (input), which will emit the EMF (Either ELF or EHF), which will be picked up by the magnetized receptor (effector, proprioceptor, decoder) and control of the target's behavioral system can thus be ensured. This will create a "homeostasis" effect or a target that self-regulates its behavior based on the constant flow of commands/parameters in the form of information that the EMF, picked up by the receptor, inputs into the target's nervous/neural system. That is my theory based on the research I have done, though I may be wrong in some aspects so if anyone has expert information pertaining to this, specifically, then it would be greatly appreciated.

I have finished writing this section and now I am recording the new video, I think I can get it done today. This is simply an interesting video I thought I would share; he is picking up EMF it seems within the video, but I may be incorrect here.

The thumbnail is also a rudimentary and now old notion regarding how remote influencing technology could be conducted on the target population; the new vehicle of delivery seems to be the towers and the injection.

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