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?נהיה מעניין לאחרונה אהה Excerpts: Music gig & Mark Steele
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?נהיה מעניין לאחרונה אהה

Quote: "לתרומה לשי בפעולתו לשמירה על הילדים בעולם דיגיטלי מתועש: לסרטונים נוספים עם עדי - שם בדוי;list=PLsWqwSg35DBDPpCD3PIQaQLzFLPFN6nQ2 תוכנית ההדרכות שלנו לעת הזו, במבצע - מוצרים להגנה מקרינה - הגנה מאור כחול - למידע על דור 5 - לתרומה לשי בפעולתו לשמירה על הילדים בעולם דיגיטלי מתועש: ניתן יהיה למצוא ולעקוב אחרי פעילות ותכנים שלי בקישורים הבאים: יוטיוב 1 - יוטיוב 2 - טלגרם ערוץ - טלגרם קבוצה - מיווי - טוויטר - ��תר - ניוזלטר - "
SERCO - The Biggest Company You've Never Heard Of

Know their agenda before they attack

New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination

Vaccine Test Results. First results of vaccine investigations

BBC dangerous organization

BBC are a dangerous organization

BBC interview of Mark Steele - Fail in their fake BBC narrative on 5G corona

Dr Bodo Schiffmann reports that a third child has just died in Germany due to masks

Kate Shemirani arrested

Mark Steele informs police of 5G in Glasgow Green & COVID-19 The Musical

Voice for Victoria - Dave Oneegs check in & Queensland showing incredible support !

Mark Steele @ StandUpX Sheffield 5th September 2020 & Setting Sheffield police straight

Kate Shemirani and Kevin Corbett outside Downing Street 5th September 2020 (Audio normalized) 1 of 2
Kate Shemirani and Kevin Corbett outside Downing Street 5th September 2020 2 of 2

How the police bully and harass Kate Shemirani in London & Unlawfully arrested, physically assaulted

Do not send your children back to school, schools are no longer a safe place for children

Schools returning in September with Mark Steele and Lee Garrett, 13th August 2020

Viruses don't exist

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

COVID-19 dictator coup attempt in and via Victoria Australia August 2020

5G step to genocide - Know their plan Know their weakness (Enhanced)

Bombshell Evidence that COVID RNA Base Pairs are Identical to Chromosome 8 Human DNA
COVID Test is the Virus - Airlines Calling for Passenger COVID Testing - Primer Sequence: CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT - "Positive" Result in All Human Beings - Practice Self-Exceptionalism to Get Over This Insanity - Globalist COVID Massive Failure (Exit Strategy Coming) - DO NOT CONSENT

If law exists Daniel Andrews and Victoria Police must face charges

Report #191|NewsPanel China:CCP Genocide of Uyghurs, Falun Gong: Dr. Tohti, Dr. Sidick, Mitch Gerber

Joe Imbriano - Mystery illness in schools - The war on children, oxygen - Coming attack in schools

Mark Steele offers his latest views of the intensifying threat of EMFs in the form of 5G

Lena Pu talks to Health Australia Party 30th July 2020

Intelligence: Youtube { david hawkins jason goodman last uploads } &

5G Genocide Liability Notice – Updated June 2020

The real plan with the new cell towers

Cancer industry not looking for a cure; they’re too busy making money

Newsbreak 72: David Noakes unlawfully arrested: Whistleblower update w/ Chaudhari, John Smith

21 May 2020: GcMAF genius, David Noakes, kidnapped, held hostage in Exeter Prison feared missing

David Noakes on the history of the EU Awake & Aware holidays

Newsbreak 37: David Noakes Addresses the Falsehoods Published by the MHRA

“GcMAF CURES CANCER – Let’s get it in our hospitals now!”

Persecution by the socio psychopathic corporatist state

Check domains &
LED street lights5Gmilitary weaponswarfarevaccines

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