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SETH RICH BOMBSHELL: Lawsuit Destroys Entire "Russia Collusion Hoax" -1576-6P
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The Pete Santilli Show
Published 9 months ago |
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Fox News news analyst Ellen Ratner relayed information from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to Texas businessman Ed Butowsky regarding Seth Rich’s role in transferring emails to Wikileaks, according to an amended filed this morning by an attorney for Edward Butowsky.

With Special Guest: Bradlee Dean

Bradlee Dean is a Christian preacher, rock musician, columnist, talk-show host, drummer, and has hosted the nationally-syndicated radio talk show, “The Sons of Liberty” since 2002. It’s a hard-hitting radio program which examines the crucial issues of today, confronts the liberal media, and encourages people to re-establish the foundations of our country. Bradlee is also the founder of the youth ministry, You Can Run International, drummer for national Christian rock band, Junkyard Prophet, and a columnist at and many other websites. He has been featured on FOX News, MSNBC, and has been highlighted in various newspapers and magazines across the nation, including the New York Times and The Weekly Standard.

E-Militia Article: SETH RICH BOMBSHELL: Lawsuit Destroys Entire “Russia Collusion Hoax”


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