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Fear is not a human emotion- Lies exposed
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Published 2 months ago |
When I pray I ask question - I have asked about compassion and asked Y'shua to teach me compassion and in an act of what I know was compassion know he said to me how about if we just teach you what it feels like...
most recently I asked Y'shua to teach me about fear-... this video is what I learned and understood- and it changed everything about fear-

The acronym for fear is F = false E= evidence a= appearing R= real
and while I got that - it made sense there was still something missing... know I know what.

The Living Words: Fear
This article is an excerpt from Mr. Benner's book The Living Words.

Fear is an abstract concept, but the Hebrew words translated as "fear" have a more concrete definition behind them. The first root we will examine is פחד pahhad [H:6342].
Fear (pahhad - noun)) came upon me, and trembling, and caused all my bones to shake (pahhad - verb). Job 4:14
In this verse, the word "fear" is the noun פחד pahhad [H:6343] meaning "shaking," while the word "shake" is the verb פחד pahhad [H:6342] meaning "to shake."

The second Hebrew root is ירא yara [H:3372]. In the following verse, we will see that this verb means "fear" in the sense of what we would consider fear.
And he said, I heard your voice in the garden and I feared (yarah) because I was naked and I hid myself. Genesis 3:10
In the next verse, we see the same Hebrew word in a more positive context.
You will revere (yarah)Yahweh your Elohiym and you will serve him and in his name you will swear. Deuteronomy 6:13
Many would conclude from these two passages this Hebrew word has two different meanings, fear and reverence. This assumption is made with many Hebrew words, but this is caused by an understanding of the Hebrew vocabulary from a non-Hebraic perspective. Each Hebrew word has only one meaning but can have different applications. The literal concrete meaning of yara is a "flowing of the gut," which can be applied to "fear" or "reverence." Have you ever been so scared or been in the presence of something so amazing that you could feel it in your gut? This "feeling" is the meaning of this word. The Hebrews were a very emotional people, and in many cases their words are describing a "feeling," rather than an "action."
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