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Nobel Nominee: Covid-19 is a Bioweapon and Psy-Op
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Published 2 years ago
"There is a mass psychosis right now. And it's akin to what happened in German society before and during world war 2. And, where, normal decent people were transformed into aides and just following order type of mentality that led to genocide. So, I see that now, the same paradigm happening. And, the key here is to bring to the awareness, to the consciousness, of humanity, of decent people, the psychodynamics of what's going on, and give them the tools to combat it.

You see no one can make you take the shot. You choose to take the shot. No one can make you live in fear. You choose to live in fear. Now I understand the narrative and the pressure, the peer pressure, and the coercion, is pushing you to into this direction. But you are a human being with free choice and consciousness given to you by God.

So, I was trying to bring out to you that, ultimately, I think it's a test from God, to each individual human being. And what's the test? Well, God says,

"Listen, I know you are scared."

I would be scared, too. But,

"Who are you going to turn to for savlation? Who are you going to turn you to put your fears upon? Who are you going to ask for for protection? Me? I'll protect you. If you are going to run to, and given into the fear, and run to the false promises of governments, of despots, of the golden calf of the vaccine, OK. Let's see how that turn out to you. Let's see how that works out."

In other words, it's a human, it's a personal choice. No one's forcing anyone. If someone tells to me, told me, "You are going to lose your job, if you don't take the shot," my answer is, "I'll lose my job." I'm not ready to sacrifice my future to have a present. I'd rather sacrifice my present to maintain a future.

(Quote taken from 35:52-38:00)

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