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You cannot catch a virus, masks are bad, COVID-19 vaccine - Dr. Andrew Kaufman and RN Kate Shemirani
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Dr. Andrew Kaufman & RN Kate Shemirani YOU CAN'T CATCH A VIRUS & You Cannot Catch a Virus, Masks are Bad, CV19 60606 Vaccine - Dr. Andrew Kaufman & RN Kate Shemirani

Quote: "You can NOT catch a virus, masks are not good for you, CV19 & 60606 Vaccine >> Shared from Kate Shemirani Natural Nurse in a Toxic World M.D. Dr. Andrew Kaufman - his channel: Evidence that Viruses Cause Disease or The Rooster in the River of Rats: Dawn Lester/David Parker - Another Important link Crrow777 radio interview:;list=PLamcYQzEMJITJWP7dFHIKisg1vXHZz_G5 "
AIDS is a hoax! Biologist Christl Meyer explodes the HIV/AIDS conspiracy

HIV Does Not Exist - Dr. Stefan Lanka Explains the HIV Lie

Dr. Stefan Lanka - Why HIV Has Never Been Isolated

5G resistance rising

Keep your eyes on the ball ladies and gentlemen the 5G ball

Google { project bizarre }

COVIDGATE press conference June 5 2020: Clandestine 60GHz in schools plandemic

The second wave - The planned 60GHz millimeter wave attack in schools

60 GHz in schools - its a killer

New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination

Vaccine Test Results. First results of vaccine investigations

BBC dangerous organization

BBC are a dangerous organization ~ Gjelder alt av massemedia, for helse og sikkerhet bør alt av sorten gå konkurs før 1. juli 2020, skulle skjedd for lenge siden hvis folk flest hadde forstått

BBC interview of Mark Steele - Fail in their fake BBC narrative on 5G corona

"5G is a direct energy weapon, DEW, in air, period" - Mark Anthony Steele

Møller og Avmakt: ØKONOMIBLØFFEN

What is 5G with Mark Steele Save Us Now

Knowledge is Power Show 9 UK Nurse Kate Shemirani, full excerpt (Audio normalized)

OUTLAW VACCINES! ~ Poisons yielding Damage, Death & Sterility

Death by Wireless? 1: Former Miss Teen Universe dies at age 19. 2: More skiers drop dead

The Importance Of The Thyroid Gland & The Use Of Iodine With Kate Shemirani

List of countries 2017 Select country for forecast

The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket * Mainstream media's largest sponsor

Big Pharma’s Control Over the Media - Vaccines Are Business, That's the Bottom Line

Body Organs Of Over 18,000 Syrian Children Sold in Six Years

The president of Tanzania didn't trust the WHO, so he had fake test samples sent to the labs

Google { wo2020060606 cryptocurrency system using body activity data }

Google { "has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity or genotoxicity" , "has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential" }

NYC Nurse speaks out about forced deaths in her hospital

That Virus Test! What you need to know, 80% False Positives and the implications for you if tested!

May 2018 Fullerton Informer goes on Jeff Rense to talk 5G, wireless, and all the other agendas

Patent CORONAVIRUS application filed July 23 2015 and granted November 20 2019

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

Newsbreak 72: David Noakes unlawfully arrested: Whistleblower update w/ Chaudhari, John Smith

21 May 2020: GcMAF genius, David Noakes, kidnapped, held hostage in Exeter Prison feared missing

David Noakes on the history of the EU Awake & Aware holidays

Newsbreak 37: David Noakes Addresses the Falsehoods Published by the MHRA

“GcMAF CURES CANCER – Let’s get it in our hospitals now!”

Persecution by the socio psychopathic corporatist state

Check domains &

A must watch GangStalking is Community Oriented Policing recruiting as young as 8 years old

Moret & Battis: EMF War From Nazi Germany Against Humanity Started in 1945 and is global now +

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