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An Oops! Radio Moment
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Published 3 months ago |

In 2000, a friend called me at work telling me that KSJO was having a pay-for-play charity event, and that they'll play any song for $100. Wow, I thought...a chance to hear one of my songs on the radio! I left work, went home to grab a cassette tape, drove up to SF, created a fake band name "Luminol", paid my $100, and quickly headed back to work without anyone knowing I left.While driving back, I was listening to KSJO, and that's when I heard that the charity event was for Tracey Biletnikoff, an ex-Oakland Raider cheerleader, who was recently murdered by her ex-boyfriend. "Oh, fuck!" I thought..having just dropped off a tape titled "Damn the Ex". Nevertheless, I had to get back to work and figured they wouldn't even play it due to the circumstances. To my surprise, they did in fact play it and didn't seem to make the correlation. They even talked about the title of the song before playing it but still didn't make the correlation after playing so many requests all day. Had I known what the charity event was for, I would have certainly chosen a different song!

It was my 5 minutes of fame with the added bonus of bypassing the FCC being that they didn't bleep-out the F-word, which I probably sang about as clear and mean as ever has been done over the radio!

Note: Audio is poor quality due to being played FROM tape while also being recorded TO tape over the radio.

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