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Anna Khait... Family, Salvation, Project Veritas & A Word For Other Influencers: Health & Freedom Conference
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Published 3 years ago
While at Clay Clark's Health and Freedom Conference, Leah and I had the privilege of listening to Anna Khait's speech before a crowd of nearly 4,000 people, with thousands more on-line. Her words set the crowd on fire as she continued to point to her Savior, Jesus Christ. Leah leaned over to me while we were streaming her speech on our Resistance Chicks Facebook page and said, "I follow her on Twitter but I had no idea who she was, she's amazing." This speaks to who she really is- her words are powerful enough to stand on their own, without the bolstering of stardom. Most famous people on social media are often only listened to because of their name, but how many more people like Leah listen to Anna because she's just Anna and is a powerful woman of God?
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