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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Professor Björn Hammarskjöld are interviewed about CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and the nation Sweden’s citizens by SWEDEN EXAMINED 2021 02 08
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Published 3 years ago

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Crimes against humanity and the nation Sweden's citizens are in focus in this interview

SWEDEN EXAMINED was shut down by Sound Cloud, without warning, 23 December at 12:00 in 2020, censorship of free speech. Now we are back again and the first interview in English takes place with the world-famous lawyer dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Professor Björn Hammarskjöld

Sweden is part of the globalist agenda and the Swedish government and their collaborators protect the ongoing Crime Against Humanity and the nation Sweden's citizens, Sweden is definitely no longer a democracy

The planned pandemic is not a pandemic, it is the biggest fraud against humanity in the history of the world and also a crime against humanity.

You can read more about it, use goggle translation or similar other function here on Professor Björn Hammarskjöld's blog

You can read more about Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his team here

Doctor with bioweapons expertise calls COVID-19 vaccines “weaponized medicine”

Doctors and Nurses Giving the Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Tried as War Criminals

Wake Up Call - World Freedom Alliance: Copenhagen
The World Freedom Alliance gathers in Copenhagen, Denmark to bring together the world's most prolific freedom-fighters. Centering around a political rally of JFK21, this documentary features the latest comments from Andrew Kaufman, Catherin Austin Fitts, Dolores Cahill and many other members of the WFA in 2021.


Both Pfizer and Moderna admits that their Covid-19 ”vaccines” are not really vaccines.
They are gentetically experiments disguised as vaccines. None of their Covid-19 products has sofar been approved as vaccines.

The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier

This document is prepared for humanity
by Dr. David E. Martin.

This work was supported, in part, by a fund-raising effort in which approximately 330 persons contributed funds in support of the New Earth technology team and Urban Global Health Alliance.
It is released under a Creative Commons license CCBY-NC-SA.

Any derivative use of this dossier must be made public for the benefit of others.
All documents, references and disclosures contained herein are subject to an AS-IS representation.

The author does not bear responsibility for errors in the public record or references therein.

Throughout this document, uses of terms commonly accepted in medical and scientific literature do not imply acceptance or rejection of the dogma that they represent.

Read more and down load pdf file

The interviewer is Ulf Bittner

You can read more, about the situation in SWEDEN, which has a government and parliament that obviously protects CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, and you can read more about and by Ulf Bittner here, use google translation or similar
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