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Making Time (2020) "Reset Complete. Timeline changed" / Assassin 33: Past and Future Son of Perdition
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Published a year ago |
In the film "Making Time" (2020):
- Why can they only travel back in time 7 years?
- Why do they travel from 2019 to 2012 and back?
- Why do they land on 2/1 and secretly enact a Candlemas/Imbolc ritual?
- Why do they draw our attention to starting over with the image of a Bridegroom and Bride sitting on stairs?

During the end credits of Assassin 33 A.D., the producers shifted the setting to one that speaks volumes to us, given what we said in our previous video. During the film, the time travelers had gone back in time to when Judas, the "son of perdition," played his very significant role. During the end credit's teaser scene, the time travelers went forward to when the other "son of perdition" was playing his very significant role, as the Antichrist. Yes, the esoteric prophecy of John 18:4-8 really is on exhibit!

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