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Urgent communication from Ricardo Delgado Martín - Graphene oxide is toxic!
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Published a year ago |
Official 13 minute emergency message given by Ricardo Delgado Martín recently.

Ricardo Delgado Martín

Graduate in Statistics from the University of Seville. Master of specialization in Biostatistics. Postgraduate degree in Health Biology: Clinical Microbiology, Epidemiology and Applied Clinical Immunology from the European University Miguel de Cervantes. University Expert in Clinical Genetics from the University Antonio de Nebrija. Certificate of Scientific Contribution by the University of Seville and the S.I.P.I.E. Postgraduate Master in Child Psychology. Master in Banking and Finance by Instituto Superior de Técnicas y Prácticas Bancarias. Master in Personal Training

This video is a good summary of the main purpose of the supposed COVID-19 vaccines. It outlines the threat and implementation of graphene through the massive inoculation which is occurring throughout our planet. You will understand some of the correlations to why children are not affected and how the elderly are more at danger. This is all due to our natural glutathione reserves being affected by the graphene oxide nanoparticles. This video also provides information about N-acetyl-cysteine which is a precursor for glutathione.

The group project around this investigation is called La Quinta Columna ( - A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within). They have over 100,000 followers on their Telegram account ( Unfortunately, the channel's main language is Spanish, but as mentioned before we are translating videos, interviews, documents, etc.

Please share this video so that we can protect ourselves and take back our power. Thank you!
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