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Deathboat president tries to scam the USA - Meanwhile pockets the cash
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Alex Jones Critic
Published 3 years ago |
"This statement did not resonate with me because the whole Zaandam saga is a repeat of what we saw unfold with the Westerdam in early/mid February.

HAL dodged a bullet w/ Westie when Cambodia finally let them dock and let their passengers travel onward. I read the Westie thread as it happened and reading this thread is deja vu. The difference is that w/ Westerdam HAL dodged a bullet, as no one on the ship tested positive, w/ Zaandam they did not and have confirmed positives.

Of the 2500 people on the two ships approximately 304 are citizens of the USA - 12%, thus 88% are citizens of other countries. The Zaandam did not depart from the USA and was not scheduled to end this cruise here.

I expect both ships will ultimately dock somewhere in the USA, because we do believe in doing the right thing, however, the home countries of the vast majority of the people on the ships need to arrange to repatriate their citizens in a way that also protects those who live in whatever community they dock or HAL needs to step up to the plate and arrange for repatriation in a manner that does not add risk to the community where they dock IMO."
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