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Schiff Hits The Fan: First House Democrat 'Abandons Schiff' On Impeachment - 1689-6P
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Published 18 days ago |
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With public support for impeachment waning and the risk of a potentially disastrous Senate trial looming, House Democrats have suffered their first impeachment defection after Rep. Brenda Lawrence of Michigan said she no longer supports the effort.
"We are so close to an election. I will tell you, sitting here knowing how divided this country is, I don't see the value of taking him out of office," said Lawrence, who instead favors censuring President Trump over allegations that he withheld military aid in Ukraine for self-serving purposes, according to the Washington Examiner. E-Militia Article: Schiff Hits The Fan: First House Democrat ‘Abandons Schiff’ On Impeachment – E-Militia News

B4IN Article: Schiff Hits The Fan: First House Democrat 'Abandons Schiff' On Impeachment | Politics

GUEST: Robyn Gritz spent 16 years at the FBI and was one of our great national security advisors who worked with General Michael Flynn for more than a decade; She lost her job when she challenged corrupt members of the FBI. Upon her retirement she was Special Agent with extensive real world experience. Her work with the FBI included major positions and responsibilities:
Supervisor – Special Agent Counter-terrorism Division
Unit Chief – Executive Strategy Unit, WMD Directorate
Supervisory Special Agent – Washington Field Office Extraterritorial Counter-terrorism and Abductions
Robyn is is now suing her former employer after losing her job, for what she calls - the cost of telling the truth - Recently the Decorated Federal Agent Just Took a Flamethrower to the FBI TWITTER:

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