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Published 2 months ago

Locals Questions January 2024

Hey Stef, when evaluating people's love for me, can you elaborate on what exactly "their love for me" looks like?

You mentioned recently that you "had a long way to go" after asking us "what are the ways a woman shows a man she loves him?" and I found myself puzzling it out after.

If "love" is our involuntary response to virtue if we are virtuous, then our perception of love towards us would be: involuntary responses.

Which could include lust but would really be an entire lifetime of the woman's responses, given that we as the man are virtuous ourselves over that lifetime.

And I feel like I'm really close to circular reasoning in this definition, except, as a man, in being virtuous I would only be in a relationship with a similarly worshipful woman whose love "required" my own "involuntariness" towards her as well.

So what would your answer be to the question: how does a woman show a man that she love's him?

Bitcoin question.

Why aren't parallel economy businesses transacting in Bitcoin? Isn't transitioning onto Bitcoin the best thing we could be doing to divest from the federal reserve and defang the state? Is it just that people are stupid and don't get it? The only credible answer I can think of could be that it could be hard to do taxes maybe?

Hi stef, could you please expound on what is and isn't prostitution, relating to marriage ?

My friend's mom got pregnant by his bio-dad, then left him for an older guy who raised my friend.

She then divorced his new dad to sleep around and when she couldn't find a man who makes more money she came back to his dad.

Thank you.

Do you think it's beneficial in any way to keep kids innocent and naive as long as possible? For example, keeping the magic of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy alive opposed to telling them they aren't real?

Given a family with a cowardly father and a domineering mother, do you think that this is a breeding ground for feminist daughters? I was on a date with a girl a while ago who told me that her mother was viciously verbally abusive towards her, but that her father was 'very supportive' of her, teaching her things like how to paint her nails. In a follow-up conversation, she told me that I was being disrespectful to women because I said I am not a feminist.

This is interesting to me because I have often heard it said that staunch feminist women often come from households where the father is actively abusive while the mother is cowardly. You can see this borne out in the early life of the feminist Shulamith Firestone. However, could the opposite scenario, where the mother is the actively abusive parent, produce a feminist for a different reason?

Her father had the power to intervene in the abuse but did nothing. My hypothesis is that in this woman's mind, with her father as evidence, men do not deserve the larger share of corporate, political, and cultural power they wield in the world because they are cowards who don't act to solve the world's problems (which she would define as racism, sexism, homophobia etc.). Therefore, feminism: "women need to occupy 50% of the positions in every power structure" presumably to act as a check on the power of men who are, in her view, derelict in their duties.

Additionally, given that her father did not use his position of power to protect his daughter, then in her mind there's no evidence that men have earned their power in the world; the only reason that men could have more power than women is because of a male conspiracy against women.


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