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SęnølÿTic $ęRmøn (Lørd RøñĀ)
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Tony Byker
Published a month ago |
Pledge allegiance to the technosapians
A sacrement to their new church the truly
One and only germ
Sacred and almighty
Unseen malady the glory
For diseases they are none
But the One True Virus
And death comes not without it’s presence
Thou shalt not have disease
Before the One True Virus
They that die outside the One
Shall not have their passing told
Unto the people in hushed tones
But shall be quietly recorded in obscured tables
When the time comes
Through it’s power all things were unmade
It became incarnate
From the swirling microbes for it’s sake
We were crucified under lock-down
It suffered not death, like unto most it afflicteth
And is never buried in the news
Like all other deaths that pale into
Insignificence under it’s power and it’s glory
There is no other One
Like this true germ
And though few will perish the tests were many lo and behold !
Many deemed infected and cases named
Though sickness they showed none
In accordance with the Great Plan
The true one ascended
into the mind collective conciousness the Great Reset
And is seated in the palms of all lest they sanitize
And anoint themsleves five score times hourly
It will come again bathed in glory
His masked kingdom will have no end it seemeth.
The unholy pathogen,
Lord Rona
Taker of life

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