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What did they do to WHEAT? TOXIC wheat? Opioids in your wheat? Schizophrenia link? Appetite stimulant? Dr. William Davis
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Published 24 days ago

Don't be a guinea pig. Modern dwarf wheat is not the wheat of the Bible.  Full discussion of why it is toxic by Dr. William Davis

Why modern wheat is unhealthy. You are not eating the wheat of the Bible. There is no nutritional value left in the modern version of what we call 'wheat'. Modern 'high yield semi-dwarf strain wheat' is an opiate, raises your blood sugar sky-high and destroys your gut lining. Stop eating the poison. Entire nations are being poisoned.  Not eating modern wheat also helps to reduce weight and lower your blood pressure.

What does wheat do to your blood sugar? "2 slices of whole wheat bread raise your blood sugar higher than 6 teaspoons of table sugar." ~ Dr. William Davis

Includes discussion of: Clearfield Wheat seeds and embryos exposed to sodium azide to induce mutations. Paranoia and hallucinations reduced dramatically for schizophrenia when modern wheat is removed from the diet. The gliaden peptide of modern wheat is an appetite stimulant. For bipolar illness it triggers mania. Gliaden peptide and autoimmune disease connection.

Dr. William Davis Website

Dr. William Davis Youtube Channel:

FULL PRESENTATION, Dr. William Davis, Wheat: The UNhealthy Whole Grain:


"Dr. William R. Davis has 25 years of experience specializing in Interventional Cardiology and Preventive Cardiology in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. His cardiac experience includes cardiac catheterizations, stents and angioplasty. He graduated from the St Louis University School of Medicine. Dr. Davis is the New York Times best-selling author of SuperGut, Wheat Belly (2011) and more."


Nutritional re-balancing program with the RICE DIET. Create your own perfect mix with a flexible 6 MONTH plan.  If 6 months sounds impossible, start with 1 WEEK.  * This is a self-educational tool, not medical advice.

1.) First MONTH. Get an Aroma stainless steel rice cooker and start the MODIFIED Kempner Rice Diet for 1 month.

If all goes well, extend for 2 months. If not, make changes that work best for you.

Kempner Rice Diet home page:

This is a high 'vitamin B' diet. Organic BROWN RICE (with organic tamari sauce and organic mct oil / coconut oil), salads, veggies, fruit. As much organic as budget allows. Liberal amounts sea/himalaya salt. Small amounts of organic meat/seafood every other day if needed. Moderate amounts of food with 2-4 hour intermittent fasting windows in between. No wheat. No bread. No grain. No refined flour products. No refined sugar. Honey, molasses, etc are ok. $40 Aroma stainless steel rice cooker.

2.) SLOWLY start a nutritional supplementation program.

Start on low-doses of the following GLOBAL HEALING supplements. Start at 1/4 of recommended doses.

Fluid supplements: start with 1 drop per day. Increase slowly or stay at 1 drop per day level.

$25. B-12.

$20. Selenium.

$30 Detoxadine (bioavailable iodine).

$25. Quercetin.

$20. Valerian.

$25. Ashwaganda.

3.) Over 2 months SLOWLY start to reduce your med dosage by 1/4.

So at the end of 2 months your dosages are all 1/4 less. ** with exception of insulin where you may need to go more slowly. * this is individual but many people need to go slow. A lot depends on the type of medication(s).

Repeat to keep reducing your meds until you are at very low levels or off them completely.

Try cycling through different types of diets. For example, you may find it beneficial to do 2 weeks or 1 month of rice diet and then shift to keto and then shift back to rice.  Or you may find your own perfect combo diet that works best for your individual situation.

Understanding how all pharmaceuticals work:

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