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1/29/21 Manchurian POTUS, CO FeEquity Fe #WeAreFree​
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Published 9 months ago |
You Are Free TV
1/29/21: As Biden reigns with fiat orders, R Paul says do not obey, Americans do what we do best- grass roots organizing for Restoration of the Republic...

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HCQ exonerated by American Journal of Medicine:

Peter Strohk's wife, Melissa Hodgmann, is heading up the SEC's Enforcement Division!

Leon Black "steps down" Apollo Global Management, Epst_in:

WEF concludes today, you can watch what they say they are planning:

Trump gets behind Restoration of America:

The Jesu_t roll out explained:

Jen Ps_ki came from the K_rry/HRC state departments and her husband did too:

ABC Pres Goldston stepping down:

Rand Paul, Walk for Life, reintroduces bills to defund P P hood:

State of Emergency in PR:

WE ARE FREE! Prayer Wave Across the Planet to Free Humanity!!

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