Doug Casey on Argentine President Milei, Russia Putin and Financial Collapse Imminent, America Headed for the Gutter
90 views • 4 months ago

“What I'm really concerned about is the continuing, and I've got to say accelerating, degradation, even collapse of Western civilization,” cautions Doug Casey, New York Times best-selling author and host of the Doug Casey's Take podcast. During an insightful interview with Daniela Cambone, he delves into his perspectives on the rollout of central bank digital currencies, the precarious situation in the Middle East, and the perils of wokeism. Highlighting that beyond financial risks, political risks loom even larger, Casey advises individuals to diversify politically by acquiring a secondary residence abroad and investing in gold. "It's the only financial asset that's not simultaneously somebody else's liability," he asserts.


🎥 You can watch the entire Javier Milei speech HERE:

WEF’s Globalist Plot Called Out Directly To Their Smug Faces By Javier Milei

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