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Published 6 months ago

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In the upside-down world of the leftist narrative, Chicken Little is a passionate girl in Nazi pigtails, warning the world about the imminent dangers of climate change who squeals, "The sky is falling," in obedience to her fascist overlords. Her earnest pleas for urgent action, reflecting the anxiety and determination of a new generation, are intended to corral the gullible off the cliffs of leftist insanity - and into the jaws of her hidden wolfpack fatherland.

In this unholy fairy story, the fox is the crafty Noah Harari and his puppet master who wield the global media industrial complex to shape Little Chicken's narrative. Here, the fox's actions are nuanced, both echoing false concerns that tiles of the sky will strike us in the head if we don't throw away our freedoms and do everything they say and worship another global crisis of their construction. Fairy stories like this one are a potent reminder of the intersection of innocence, urgency, ambition, and power in the face of a global hostage-taking by the same corrupt band of fellow travelers that brought us Paul Ehrlich's Population Bomb of 1968 - a fictional fear-mongering story that would have left the Grimm Brothers scratching their heads in disbelief! It's time to start examining what these hucksters are pushing before we end up on the fox's dining room table!


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