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Published 3 months ago |
From blatant predictive programming in entertainment and media to the social conditioning effects of false flag terror, the average American’s understanding of the “War on Terror” is convoluted to say the least. Who created the Taliban?

I am frustrated to realize that I forgot to add Title and date captions to some of these clips.
The footage used to narrate this video comes from an old TV show from the 1960’s called “Thirty Minute Theatre” and an episode called “The Newsbenders.” Originally aired in 1968.

Another clip that I failed to caption features Samuel L Jackson and some dude conspiring to stage a terror attack - this movie is called “The Long Kiss Goodnight” (1996)

Finally, I didn’t wan’t to spend too much time covering 9/11-based predictive programming evidence because that was 20 years ago and I assume that many of you have seen plenty of it.
However, I regret that I didn’t include some footage from a show called “The Lone Gunman” which was a spin-off of the X-Files. There is an episode called “Pilot” which depicts a shadowy government agent conducting a false-flag attack that literally mirrors 9/11 almost perfectly. The problem is that the episode aired 6 months before the tragic events occurred in real life. Please look up that episode, it is worth your time.

Numerous clips in this video were taken without permission from “Predictive Programming” YouTube channel. This channel has an excellent library of this type of content and you would do well to subscribe! Also, the guy behind the channel was even nice enough to sit through the premier of this video!
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This video used a segment created by High Impact Flix without permission. He makes excellent content, please check out High Impact Flix
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