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Irrefutable Proofs - WE ARE AT WAR
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Published 2 years ago
Enemy shipping "sunk", destruction of vital enemy targets and supply chains, reduction of enemy troop strength. WE ARE THE ENEMY of the forces that have taken over our government and institutions. Let's utilize common metrics used to assess the success and failure of any given war effort. Break out of your normalcy bias. The war is well underway. Prepare before it goes kinetic. Correction: at 3:00, I meant to say net EXPORTER of energy. Look how quickly our fortunes have reversed since the stolen election. And, here is a link to an important video by a high-ranking KGB defector, who explains the demoralization strategy used to destroy nations: He speaks about the process and the strategy - demoralization, crisis, normalization, and then complete takeover of the United States.;t=119s
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