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Lucifer told top Satanist leader he intends to kill all Satanists & humanoid species with Order 666
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Published 2 months ago |
*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (April 2022). Jessie Czebotar was told directly by Satan Lucifer that he will be exterminating all the Satanists and Luciferians and humanoid species servants and witches and matriarchal rulers of earth and their minions with “Order 666” once his fallen angels are released from the abyss and gain control of the heavens and earth. It will be a bloodbath never seen before. It will be a repeat of the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. It is best to not tell the Satanists and witches, because it will be a surprise judgment of God upon Satan Lucifer’s worshippers and followers. Satan Lucifer told Jessie Czebotar, the former top Satanist leader of the earth’s hidden matriarchal rulers five “Mothers of Darkness” witches’ leader, the Crone. This is the highest level you can have in the Illuminati NWO Satanist hierarchy and Satan Lucifer’s kingdom, who reports directly to Satan Lucifer every night about the world management. They are the CEO of Satan Lucifer’s kingdom. Under the mothers of darkness are the Bilderberg Satanic Druid council and the quadrant leaders like the Eastern US quadrant leader George Soros. Under George Soros would be the grand high priestesses like Gloria Vanderbilt who ran the Eastern US quadrant. Under the grand high priestess were the high priestesses like Madonna and Maria Abramovic and Beyonce and Hillary Clinton. Under them are the different departments like the military Jesuit Catholics and Mormons and Satanists and Cabalists and Freemasons. On April 24, 2020, the 5,000 year old matriarchal rulers of earth handed over the management of earth to the AntiChrist. Jessie Czebotar was the “Crone” or “head of the mothers of darkness” who was bred to prepare for the NWO and hand over the 5,000 year old matriarchal rule of earth to the AntiChrist son of Satan Lucifer. Jessie Czebotar was the leader of the Satanist faction. She is now disguised as a Christian. Satan Lucifer probably did not tell the other four “Mothers of Darkness” because he intends to kill them, too, once he is finished using them to set up his NWO and uses the humans’ authority to release all the fallen angel devils. Satan Lucifer was using his millions and millions of Satanists and witches to try to kill us real Christians, because he did not want the truth to get out to his Satanists and witches. We real Christians are not afraid of death or getting attacked by millions of pedophile cannibal Satanist witches or getting our family slaughtered or all our income cut off, so we speak the truth out to the whole world, including our enemies. Jesus command us in the Bible to love our enemies. We samurai warriors of Christ will carry out his self-sacrificial love to the end and glorify God. The Satanists and witches are in serious deep feces now for attacking God’s children. God has handed them over to Satan Lucifer who will torture them for enjoyment and exterminate them and all their descendants. Jessie Czebotar was training with Draco Prime reptilian chimera alien incarnate avatar Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (Western hemisphere leader) and Draco Prime reptilian chimera alien incarnate avatar CIA Director John Brennan (Easter hemisphere leader) to set up the Illuminati New World Order and hand it over to the AntiChrist for the extermination of all the humans and humanoid species and current Satanist world rulers & matriarchal rulers witches & all their millions of minions. They are awaiting Satan Lucifer’s world only for the fallen angels the elite. Jessie Czebotar exposes that some of the Satanist families are able to shapeshift into different creatures such as werewolves and vampires, as seen in their Harry Potter movies.

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